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I'm New


If this is your first time checking us out, we are so thankful you're here! Story Church is a group of people who want to know your story and would love to connect with you! You might be seeking a church family to join with, a place to worship with one time, answers to questions about Jesus or just to learn more about Him, or maybe you aren't even sure what you are seeking! We want to help you find what you are looking for at this point in your story.

Check out this video to get a tour of our campus!

What will it be like there?

We try to create an atmosphere before and after service that allows people to have real conversations and build real relationships, so feel free to come a little early and stay for a bit afterwards.

During our service, which starts at 10AM and lasts about an hour, we have a time of learning relevant messages from the Bible's truths. Our sermons are given by a live speaker each week. 

We include prayer and communion in our service each week.

During the service we also make time to sing about four songs each week. The time of singing is designed to help create an environment of worship and a time to focus completely on God. Our music style would be considered modern.


What about my kids?

We offer age-appropriate programming for kids from 3 months old to 6th grade during our service. Our Kids Ministry is designed to be a place of fun, while also being very safe. Our volunteers are all background-checked and are people who truly care about teaching young people.  To find out more about our Kids Ministry or to pre-register your child, click here.

We currently encourage our teens to participate in the worship service, and we offer some excellent ways for them to get involved through serving.

What should I wear?

The short answer is, wear what you would like!  You will find most people dressed fairly casually, but if you feel more comfortable dressed more formally, we welcome you to wear that.

Where are you Located?

We currently meet on Sunday mornings at Schnepf Elementary School, which is located on Gary Road between Riggs and Empire.  When you come to the school, there is a stoplight at Gary and E Grange Parkway.  Turn west onto Grange at the light and then at the stop sign, turn left into the school driveway that takes you to the parking lot.

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