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Our Values

Connecting people's stories to God's story

Everyone has a story...of where they came from, of how they came to be who they are, of what has led them to this moment.  Everyone loves a good story - even just that word brings out emotions and memories.  At Story Church we want to recognize the value and uniqueness of each person and how their own personal story can connect with the story of Jesus.  

Story church is a group of people that focuses on loving families, but is welcoming to anyone.  We strive to live out Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 and "become all things to all people so that by all possible means we might save some."  We seek to live out hospitality, service, meaningful relationships and growth in all parts of our lives to help others and ourselves grow towards Jesus.

We desire to do everything in obedience to Christ and with unity.  Following Jesus in everything is our goal both as Story Church and in our individual lives.  Being unified doesn't mean we are identical or that we have the exact same thoughts about everything, but that we have a singular purpose in obedience to Christ and focus on helping others know Him.

The Mission of Story Church is to disciple people to and through salvation through hospitality, relationships, service and growth.

Our Passions


We want to joyfully welcome all people and let them know we truly value them, both at Story Church and in our homes.  In a world where it is difficult to find people who care about you for more than what they can get out of you, we want people to know, through our actions, that we genuinely care.


We are very passionate about serving others sacrificially.  We are told in Matthew 25:40 that what we do for others, we are doing for Jesus.  We want to serve, both at church and out in our community, trying to make a better world.


We also want to do everything relationally.  Jesus came down to earth to be God with us - to have relationship with people.  Relationships can be messy at times, but having true relationships gives you people to help in difficult times.  It also provides people to celebrate with you in good times and give you strength to face each day.


We desire to always be growing in Christ.  Sometimes this happens quickly, and sometimes it is more of a struggle.  Our goal, however, is to continually make the effort to progress in our relationship with Jesus.  When it’s healthy, spiritual growth happens individually, in small group settings, and in large gatherings – all through clear, simple and challenging Bible teaching and study. 

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